ARTWALL Presents; Bernie Fleming - "Animals In Print" - Leitrim Design House
Animals in print, an exhibition on ART WALL by Bernie Fleming.
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Animal Print by Bernie Fleming

ARTWALL Presents; Bernie Fleming – “Animals In Print”

Animal lovers and members of the farming community will love our upcoming exhibition on ART WALL. The Leitrim Design House are delighted to showcase ‘Animals in print’ a stunning collection by Bernie Fleming from April 27th. Bernie’s farming background is a huge source of inspiration for her work.  Using vibrant colours and bold shapes, family pets and farm animals are prominent features in many of her pieces, making it a very accessible and enjoyable collection for art lovers of all ages.

Bernie is a printmaker currently residing in Connemara. Working with lino and wood she is drawn to traditional methods to create her prints. Through many hours of observation and engagement with her animals this collection has emerged through an exploration of colour, texture, shape and pattern. The artist explains her approach;

I take lots of photographs and sketches of the animals and from these I work out possible compositions for my prints. I like to observe the animals and their actions. The way they interact with each other, playing, grazing, lazing in the sunshine.  How the animals react to the presence of humans, sometimes friendly other times wary, curious, or even aggressive. For example when a person gets too close the sheep stamps her foot in an attempt to protect her lamb or I love the curious cow with her head over the wall watching us. This is what I want to capture in my work.”

 Bernie studied printmaking in GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts and Media and graduated with an honours degree in 2015. She is a member of Galway printmakers and Uachtar ARTS.

We welcome everyone to drop by and enjoy this wonderful collection. Don’t forget as with all of the unique Irish handmade gifts on offer in the Leitrim Design House, deposits can be taken on these limited edition prints and paid off over a number of weeks.

Cow cropped Bernie Fleming