Ceramic Stories, Art Wall Exhibition | Leitrim Design House
Spirit of Place, an exhibition on ART WALL by Lorna Roberts.
Spirit of Place, exhibition, ART WALL, Lorna Roberts,
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Ceramic Stories - Ciara McCormac | Art Wall

ARTWALL presents; Ciara McCormac – Ceramic Stories. Sep 29th 2017

Art Wall Exhibition: Ciara McCormac ‘Ceramic Stories’

The Leitrim Design House is delighted to welcome local Artist Ciara McCormac to ART WALL. Ciara, based in Cootehall, County Roscommon, trained as a potter and has recently completed a BA in Fine Art (painting) from Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology.,

For Ciara, it has been a natural process to experiment using glazes as paints and clay as a canvas. As she states; ’In some way glazes allow for a freer application of colour as they cannot be mixed as readily as paints and so are applied straight from the pot. I find I don’t have to worry about colour so much and often there is little point in worrying too much as there is always that element of surprise or anxiety while waiting for the results of each firing, the outcome of which there is only limited control. This collection has been inspired by the concept of ‘HOME’ and the memories that float into my head from time to time of the many places that have been home to me.  Each image is a snippit of a memory, maybe half remembered, or maybe as clear as if it was only yesterday. Images often trigger memories. A scrap of fabric, a lino pattern, an old dress or a piece of furniture can suddenly sweep you back in time. Objects are often associated with people or events, evoking a sense of belonging and home’.


Join us at the reception launch on Friday September 29th at 7pm to celebrate this unique and quirky collection. Ceramic Stories will be on view until November 7th and Ciara’s original ceramic paintings will also be on sale on our online shop.


Ceramic Stories on ART WALL is part of the Leitrim Design House ‘HOME’ September 29th to November 6th, a stunning showcase exploring the special space that home creates. ‘HOME’ forms part of the Green-Door Festival of Rural Architecture and Design, a celebration of sustainable building in Leitrim, September 29th to October 1st, and also coincides with ‘Thinking, Living, Dwelling’, an exhibition showing in the Dock galleries from August 26th to October 14th.


This showcase invites you to discover a way of making your home as individual as you are. The Leitrim Design House is a home of creative talent and a hub of creativity. Browse a selection of carefully curated objects; one-off hand crafted creations including prints, original art, ceramics, jewellery, candles, soaps, blankets – all designed and made in Ireland.

HOME places a special focus on a selection of the Leitrim Design House makers. We invite you to enjoy a new collection from John Ryan, A gorgeous collection of contemporary ceramics inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way. All the pieces are hand thrown by John on the potter’s wheel then fired to stoneware temperature and decorated in food safe glazes which John has made up himself. All this makes his work food safe, dishwasher and oven proof.

We are very pleased to introduce John Hanley Throws to the Leitrim Design House Gallery. Established in Ireland in 1893, John Hanly & Co Ltd is steeped in tradition and guarantees that the products produced are of excellent craftsmanship, outstanding quality and are timeless in their beauty. These new throws are very ‘luxurious’! Woven from 5% cashmere and 95% merino wool they feel like 100% cashmere and are wonderful to curl up in.

We will present hand painted silk lampshades from Karen O’Kane. Karen is a textile artist who makes a range of home furnishings including original lighting pieces, lampshades and cushions. Karen’s designs are bold and vibrant and are inspired by her love of her natural environment, the unpredictability and texture of the medium.


We will also showcase a range of unglazed stoneware art pieces from Tamaru Hunt-Joshi of Turnstone Ceramics. The collection includes three 3D houses on driftwood and a selection of framed and unframed tiles. Each unglazed ceramic tile is created using an involved process (over a period of weeks) using fluid clay washes, stains, impressions of local plants and clay relief to create compelling impressions of Irish landscapes.


Enjoy a beautiful collection of hand crafted bowls, lampstands and table sets from Roy Humphreys Wood Turning. Using native timber such as yew, oak, elm and ash, all sourced from the family farm, Roy takes the craft of an older tradition and gives it a very contemporary look. He combines a hands-on approach with state-of-the-art, high-tech tools to create beautiful items bringing the richness and depth of the grain to life.