Jennifer Richardson photography at The Leitrim Design House
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Photograph by Jennifer Richardson

ART WALL Exhibition- Photography by Jennifer Richardson

The Leitrim Design House are delighted to launch Portrait of the natural, an exhibition of photography by Jennifer Richardson on ART WALL on Thursday April 21st at 7.30pm.

Jennifer is based in Newtowngore and from her early childhood was  drawn to both nature and photography.

Jennifer Richardson`s fine art photography reveals a deep harmonious connection to the simple, often unseen elements of nature. She views the process as a form of painting with natural light capturing movement or stillness in her images. By shifting into a black and white format, Jennifer  has found that images become simplified, allowing a greater  focus on the subject without the distraction of colour.  With black and white photography there’s a greater emphasis on patterns of light, abstraction and contrasting textures and tones. In colour, her underwater rock pool images are a delight in soft pastel tones and her series of dawn and morning landscapes are moody yet subtlety vibrant.

“I aspire to a deep harmonious connection to nature’s own abstract imagery. As a fine art photographer, my camera is my paintbrush. I experiment with longer, under and over exposure adjustments, the white balance settings of my camera and the lighting of our days and nights.

Consequently, a much greater abstract feel and mood is created by adding textures or smoothness to moving waters and skies and subtle vibrant colouring to darker imagery. Exploration of black and white imagery also intrigues me as the true essence of an image is accentuated without distraction of colour.”

Jennifer Richardson Photography      

The Dock are also hosting an exhibition by Boyle Camera Club. This ART WALL launch is taking place in The Dock on the same evening  as the award winning theatre show ‘Sure thing’ which opens at 8.30pm, so why not pop in early and catch both events. All are welcome to join us for the reception launch at 7.30pm, come along meet the artist and be inspired.

Ripples of Simplicity Jennifer Richardson