ART WALL: Eithne Roberts - February 24th - Leitrim Design House
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ART WALL: Eithne Roberts – February 24th

‘Cups and bowls and jugs and things’ 

The Leitrim Design House are delighted to launch a beautiful exhibition of still life oil paintings and small encaustic figurative works by much admired artist Eithne Roberts. This latest ART WALL exhibition will launch on Wednesday February 24th 7.30pm and we’d like to offer a warm welcome for all to come along to the reception and meet the artist in person.

This collection titled Cups and bowls and jugs and things’ grew from the artists background in ceramics. Sharing her inspiration she states “I studied ceramics and although I thought my little clay bowls beautiful I think that as the subjects of my first paintings they really came into their own… First inspired by the beautiful and quiet work of Giorgio Morandi, I used my little vessels as subject matter within my paintings and became inspired by the shapes and surfaces  transferred onto my canvas…With an economical use of colour, value and surface, each subtle still life of a cup, bowl, jug, vase, flower or snap pea is minimal in its execution and born out of an aesthetic that reflects the simple beauty of the everyday.’

Eithne’s work has been extremely popular with visitors of The Leitrim Design House in the past primarily because of her beautiful palette and quiet, calm compositions. The reception launch opens at 7.30pm on Wednesday February 24th in the Dock on the same evening as Frances Black & Kieran Goss performance so come along early and catch two heart warming events!