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Erika Marks

I have been working as a jeweller for about 30 years, starting in Dublin where I had a studio in the city centre. In 2003, my husband Tim and I wanted to leave the madness of city life and decided to move to Leitrim, only discovering after arriving what a welcoming place it is for artists — a wonderful surprise! The pace of life here is indeed totally different to that of Dublin: much more relaxed. There always seems to be time to talk to people you meet, and when you’re at home it really feels like a haven.

I now mainly make pieces to commission, often working with the client to produce a design that represents or commemorates some aspect of their life. Greatly influenced by the rich store of artefacts from early civilisations, I aim to evoke a feeling of contemporary antiquity and a sense of mysterious origin in my work. I sometimes use symbolism and enjoy making pieces with a meaning that is only understood by the wearer, while appearing simply decorative to everyone else. Recently, I have also been making larger silverware that is both decorative and functional.

Living here, I’ve been struck by Leitrim’s wonderful sky scenery – both during the day, when it is ever-changing, and at night. The night skies free from light pollution fascinate me, and I have become interested in the stars and the idea of navigating by them: I now make a series of brooches based on the night sky and featuring different constellations.

Erika Marks Collection

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