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Janet Graham - Bogland Dusk | ArtWall Paintings

ARTWALL presents; Janet Graham


The Leitrim Design House are delighted to welcome the work of Janet Graham to ART WALL. Originally from Northern Ireland Janet is a professional artist based in Donegal. An artist admired for her richly coloured surreal paintings and also for her muted, wild landscapes of the remote western seaboard.

For several years she worked with the leading Irish Surrealist painter Lawson Burch. More recently she has worked closely with the great artist and Past President of The Royal Hibernian Academy, Stephen McKenna.

The Office of Public Works mounted an important exhibition of her paintings called “The Disappearing Landscape” which was officially opened by the late Professor Anne Crookshank, the foremost authority on Irish Painting. The BBC based a documentary programme on this exhibition called “Landscape without white Bungalow” .

Her surrealist work featured in a W.A.R. exhibition which opened in London and travelled to prominent galleries in the UK. This aspect of her work is primarily allegorical usually taking subject from myth and legend.

In recent years Janets’ work sees a return to Classical themes, in particular the fresco work from places such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and Thera, Akrotiri. The artist states;

In these wall paintings my concern lies in the fragility of the time-worn images. This rich, faded beauty is unique to these ancient frescoes and is the starting point of my exploration. Sometimes I work with reverence to the frailty of the fresco using a muted, sun-faded palette thus emulating the crumbling, cracking plaster. In other paintings I push the parameters to replace the delicacy in both structure and palette with a robust composition and strong vibrant palette.

 Floral elements often appear alongside artefacts from antiquity such as relics and vessels from pre-Columbian exhibitions.

Janet’s painting are held in private collections in Europe, USA and Japan and has been reviewed in The Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, Newsletter and The Ulster Tatler. Janet has been the featured artist in “Homes and Interiors” magazine. This exhibition continues until January 2018.