Lorna Roberts Art Wall Exhibition : 'Spirit of Place'
Spirit of Place, an exhibition on ART WALL by Lorna Roberts.
Spirit of Place, exhibition, ART WALL, Lorna Roberts,
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Lorna Roberts

ARTWALL Presents; Lorna Roberts – “Spirit Of Place”

The Leitrim Design House are delighted to showcase a new collection of paintings by recent graduate Lorna Roberts from June 22nd on ART WALL. Lorna’s chosen area of investigation is landscape painting and a sense of place. From observations of her locality, she has created a series of landscape paintings in oil, some of which take a more intimate look at plant life.

Lorna Roberts is particularly drawn to the windswept, untamed area where she lives in the West of Ireland. Her feeling of connection with nature and the importance she attaches to this sense is explored in this collection.

The artist states:

I do not see myself as following in the long tradition of landscape painters of the past who tried to capture the majesty and awe-inspiring beauty of nature, but rather I work on a less ambitious, more intimate scale, trying to catch those fleeting moments when a patch of grass, a hedgerow or a shaft of light through the trees surprises us and transports us to a memory or experience that resonates and creates an emotional connection…

We welcome everyone to drop by and enjoy this beautiful collection of paintings. As with all of the unique Irish handmade gifts on offer in the Leitrim Design House, deposits can be taken on these art works and paid off over a number of weeks. Why not invest in your very own art collection! Browse our stunning new summer stock in store or on our online shop.