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Maria Noonan McDermott

If you learn to see beyond the mundane, you expose yourself to all the wonders of the world. A child’s tears, a mother’s gentle kiss, a lover’s touch – we never have to look too far. My paintings explore these ordinary, everyday things that most people take for granted, and strive to recreate these fleeting images of beauty. A fascination with people, their traits, character, relationships and interactions, serves as inspiration for my paintings and is echoed in my work through both colour and texture.

My work is a reflection of the way I view life. It is about searching for the ultimate statement through colour and form, making my paintings a Voice box for the inner soul we all possess, spiritual and mysterious… My inspirations are taken from everyday things, people and places. My most recent work is an impressionistic visualization that blends my interest in figurative work with the breathtaking beauty that is Ireland’s ever-changing landscape.

Originally from Donegal, my home is now Kinlough in County Leitrim.

Maria Noonan-McDermott’s work is highly original. Her creative and imaginative one-off pieces ensure her a reputation for innovative and inspiring artwork that is eminently collectable and truly unique. Her paintings are suggestive, even portentous, in the sense that they imply situations, events or relationships that are not directly expressed.

Her subject matter and colour schemes are varied, yet distinctly recognizable. She paints with knife, confidently applying layer upon layer, enhancing the quality of light and movement and allowing the texture of the paint to play a key role in the structure of her paintings. On show, her paintings demand attention, grip the imagination and reward the curiosity of our senses, resulting in a visually striking and exciting display.

“Every picture tells a story” is so true of Maria’s work. She has been painting for over twenty years and is well established and respected, having contributed to many galleries and public exhibitions throughout her career. Maria works from her studio in Kinlough.

Maria Noonan McDermott Collection

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