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The home of Irish Design and craft, visit us for gift ideas or decorate a beautiful interior. Woollens, Ceramics, Wall Art. Inspired living at Leitrim Design House.
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Leitrim Design House Network Membership

The Leitrim Design House is a craft development organisation, dedicated to promoting excellence and economic development in the field of contemporary art, craft and design.

Why should I become a member ?


Benefits of Membership include:

  • Mentoring, product development, marketing support.
  • Priority access to product testing in retail gallery subject to assessment of product
  • Priority access to all PR activity. Regional and National promotional and marketing opportunities
  • Promotion of your events and exhibitions, Hot Spots* and Marketing Calendar Promotions* (*suitability as determined by Leitrim Design House management). Makers Day opportunity to promote product launches, demonstrations etc. Each maker will be expected to assist in publicising this event. Details must be agreed one month in advance with the Leitrim Design House management.
  • Social media promotion through Twitter, Facebook and the Leitrim Design House website.
  • Application priority for Pop Up events, Meet the Makers activities. exhibitions,
  • Priority selection for tutor opportunities
  • Discounts in retail gallery (15% on any purchases)

How much is membership ?


Membership is 75 euro for Full membership – this is open to designer/makers who reside in Leitrim. Leitrim Design House will take 35% commission from the retail price of artwork and one off craft pieces and 45% off the retail price all other work.
Membership is 100 euro for Associate membership – this is open to designer/makers form outside Leitrim. The Leitrim Design House will take 40% commission form the retail price of artwork and one off craft pieces and 50% from the retail price all other work.

How long does this membership last ?


Membership begins from the date your membership is approved, you will receive an email telling you the date.
Membership is annual from the date of approval.
Download a membership form here

What some of our members are saying about us:


“Really glad I attended this workshop, I’m much more focussed and there is clear direction in my range of work, plus it all works well together visually”
“Eddie Shanahan has been fantastic and has given me priceless advice for my brand. As a new designer, I am happy to discover my brand and products earlier and be pointed in the right direction”
“Good to hear the designers share their experience of their trials and tribulations in getting to where they are today”
“Great access to real design info”
“Very important to have meetings like this one…Good to know we all face the same difficulties”
“Discussing my work with other designers has helped me refine my product and given me more focus.”
“The interaction, the encouragement and focus…brilliant workshops got me fired up each session to go out and get moving on my ideas.”
For further information please email info@leitrimdesignhouse.ie.
To begin your membership, click below