October 22nd Weaving Workshop with Frances Crowe - Leitrim Design House
Weaving workshop with Frances Crowe at The Leitrim Design House
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October 22nd Weaving Workshop with Frances Crowe

Weaving workshop by Frances Crowe

Frances Crowe

We’re delighted  to have a new Weaving Workshop with Frances Crowe on Saturday October 22nd from 10am until 2pm. Frances has just participated in the 9th Biennale from Lausanne to Beijing fibre Art festival in Shenzhen, China. This is a terrific opportunity to learn from such an established maker.

Frances will  teach some of the following skills: Learn how to put on a warp;Weave a hem, Soumak, Horizontal stripes, regular spots, Pick and pick, Hatching, Diagonals and curves, Vertical slits in blocks of colour, Shading, Distorted wefts and irregular shapes, Outlining, Knotting and Cutting the warp. The workshop costs €55 per adult, this includes all materials and it’s suitable for beginners, improvers and more advanced learners. Frances Crowes’ workshops have always proved very popular. Places are limited on this weaving workshop, so if you would like to join Frances and learn or develop new skills please get in touch with us.