Handmade Aniseed Soap Bar 100g Irish Maker Majella McCauley
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Handmade Soap Bar - The Soap Box | Aniseed

Handmade Aniseed Soap Bar 100g Soapbox


Description: Aniseed Soap

Get smelling like liquorice with this strong smelling aniseed soap. Anise is said to hide the human scent so this soap is also a big favourite with fishermen and hunters.

Maker: Majella McCauley

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Handmade Aniseed Soap Bar 100g.

Irish maker Majella McCauley.

Your skin is in for a treat with The Soap Box’s ALL NATURAL range of handmade cold process soaps. This method of soap-making ensures that the soap retains its natural glycerine, which is good for the skin. A blend of olive, coconut and castor oil is used which results in a glycerine rich bar with a luscious long lasting lather. Beeswax is added for hardness.

The Soapbox range is created to protect and moisturise the skin. The scents in the soap bars are made from a blend of high quality pure essential oils, each with their own therapeutic properties. Each variety has its own natural exfoliant in the form of flower buds and seeds, citrus rind, wholegrains and seaweeds. The colour is obtained from plant roots and seeds.