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Shave soap and brush gift set – Natural Ireland


This gift set contains our all natural shaving soap which protects and moisturizes the skin. The shaving brush is a Pure Boar Bristle brush. This material is harder than badger hair and produces the most bracing massage effect. The bristle brush becomes softer with use.

Up to 100 shaves in every tin!

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Superior natural shaving soap with a pure boar bristle shaving brush gift set

The Soap Box’s all natural handmade shaving soaps are the result of meticulous research and development. Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap is a semi solid, luxury lathering, skin friendly soap. It has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting lather which is naturally moisturising for the skin. This superior lather is best applied using a shaving brush

Gentle skin care ingredients

Coconut Oil provides gentle cleansing while Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Glycerine leave the skin conditioned and smooth. Our soap range is scented with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils. With the added benefits of pure essential oils and seaweed, this premium shaving soap is a treat your skin.

Handmade in Small Batches

This exclusive shaving soap is handmade in Ireland. All our shaving soaps are handmade in small batches using a hot soap making process. They are then left to mature for 10 days. After this maturing period, the soap is more concentrated and ready for transfer to our high quality aluminum container.

Shaving Brush

The shaving brush in this gift set is a Pure Boar Bristle shaving brush. This material is harder than badger hair and produces the most bracing massage effect. The bristle brush becomes softer with use.

It offers inexpensive, easy entry into the world of wet shaving.

Please note that the designs may vary.  

Directions for Use

Our shaving soap is best used with a shaving brush.

  • Our soap is designed to be used directly from our aluminium soap container.
  • Wash your face in warm water to open your pores and soften your beard
  • Lightly wet the shaving brush
  • Using the shaving brush in a circular motion in the container, form a lather with our shaving soap.
  • Apply a thick layer of soap lather to the skin.
  • Always shave with a clean blade & rinse blade frequently with warm water
  • A wet shave is the best way to get a close shave