Lucinda Lee from Lucy’s Soap Kitchen believes in slow sustainable living. She lovingly creates her nut free, gluten free products in a traditional way in small batches with petro chemical free ingredients producing a much sought after range of soaps, shampoo bars and skincare products.

Daily life for Lucy during this pandemic hasn’t changed greatly. Her business operates from home and for the past four years Lucy has sold her wonderful products primarily online with only one exception; the Leitrim Design House is the only outlet to stock Lucy’s products.

Lucy kindly shares with us how she is coping with the Covid restrictions in Leitrim at present;

“At the moment I’m coping well with the Covid restrictions. I have seen an increase in orders but I was fortunate as I ticked quite a few boxes. I didn’t leave my premises, and I make a product people need, soap. People are buying more of it now.

I haven’t had any difficulty getting materials for producing my beauty products during the pandemic. Most ingredients are still available however there is a big delay with dispatch due to courier delays. Materials are taking longer to get to me so I have to order in advance quite significantly.

I’ve a large poly tunnel that’s very well established so I’m having lots of outside time which is really good head space. Producing vegetables in the garden is very important to us.

This is the 3rd year of home schooling our children so we’ve had a big head start as we were already in a good home education routine.”

Lucy started her business in 2013. “My first introduction was an old book ‘The natural soap book’ by an American lady Susan Miller Cavet. I found it fascinating and devoured it. This helped me get started and from then it was trial and error and lots of practice. Whether I’m making skincare or soap it’s ultimately the same process in that I’m taking oils melting and blending them.

It’s very satisfying putting different ingredients together and then to make something completely different but that is completely useable and it is as near to sustainable as is reasonably possible.

The part of the process I love the most is when I’m blending soap and its time to pour it into the moulds, you see it all lined up and it looks really good! like you can jump into it! I really love that I can mould it within 24 or 36 hrs and enjoy looking at it.

What really drives me, I’m always trying to improve everything whether it’s my knowledge, whether it’s the product or the quality of the ingredients. When I first started out I couldn’t afford the highest quality ingredients. Gradually my system improved and now I use organic ingredients. My products have become much better as I’ve progressed. The quality of the ingredients has become much better. The customer wouldn’t necessarily know that but I know that. I’m continuously driven to find a more sustainable eco way of producing, buying and packaging.

As a not for profit organisation, for over two decades, the Leitrim Design House has nurtured creative businesses, particularly those that have sustainability at the heart of their practice. We are working hard, behind the scenes, in our support of the creative sector. Our beautiful gallery and the wonderful Dock Arts Centre may be currently closed to the public with both teams working remotely but we are united in our passion for County Leitrim its creative sector. The Leitrim Design House online shop is still open however so you can both support local and shop Irish from the comfort of your armchair. Visit us anytime from the safety of your own home at for a selection of 100% Irish made gifts that we can deliver to your loved ones worldwide. Contact us at or follow us on any of the social media platforms for updates.