DNDARIV Calendar - Limited edition signed copies

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Impending Visitor Protocol is a combination of a short story and a calendar. This functional item is produced by an organization called: DNDARIV (Dread and Despair Avoidance Regarding Incoming Visitors), who help people worldwide in hosting the perfect visit.

The calendar is a go-to tool, assisting with all issues pertaining to both visitors and hosts. Topics covered include; environmental issues, mental health maintenance, exercise and cleaning tips, together with logistical, financial and emotional advice.

Instructions for use:
Display on your kitchen wall. * Tear off each page as you get through the days and weeks.

*your kitchen wall may, or may not be, as time goes on, underwater.

Words, drawing and concept by Laura Fitzgerald
Designed by Or Studio
Editing by Peter McNamara
Printed by Kingdom Printers

DNDARIV Calendar - Limited edition signed copies

€10.00 €0.00( / )
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