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The Leitrim Design House is delighted to showcase a new exhibition titled ‘Still Waters’, by Liz Clinton on ARTWALL from March 11th to May 4th. Liz is a figurative and landscape artist living in the heart of the Roscommon countryside. This new collection of paintings is inspired by Lough Ree, the River Shannon and regular trips to Achill island.

The artist believes there is always something deeply restorative about being around water, whether it’s the gentle lapping of water on Lough Ree or the glint of the sun on the sea at Dugort Beach. This series of paintings tries to capture the peace, calm and drama that sit alongside. It explores the effect of changing sunlight on the sky and water.

After the birth of her third child in 2010 Liz decided to take a break from work as a software designer, into a different form of creativity. She loved being at home with her children but the void that she felt after leaving work was unexpected. During this time Liz turned to painting and it became an important part of her life and identity. She enrolled in a painting class in Roscommon School of Art. In the evenings she worked on improving her skills and painted from photographs of her kids.

Liz developed her personal practice for a few years but then progressed to portrait and landscape commissions. Alongside her art practice, she works as a special needs assistant. Liz uses art to help connect with the children she supports, stating “sitting beside a child while drawing a favourite subject together opens up communication and creativity. Art is wonderful for regulating emotions and for mindfulness. Once you start seeing the world from the point of view of recreating or representing it through art you automatically become more mindful and more present in your environment”.

Liz paints in a delicate realistic style and is drawn to portrait and figurative painting. During covid lockdowns she moved towards an expressionist style of painting to try to capture the atmosphere of the ever changing skies and its effect on water. Liz wanted to capture how water and skies can be peaceful and dramatic simultaneously. The artist luckily lives beside Lough Ree and during lockdown the lake became a central part of family life. Liz shares her reflections on the inspiration behind her work “there is something deeply restorative about being in or near water, its vast space was a tonic to the confines of indoors. The lake became our sport and recreation when everything else was closed. The lake shore was also a meeting place with friends when we weren’t allowed to meet indoors, birthdays were celebrated there. Children's social lives revolved around the lake, swimming and pier jumping. Some of the paintings from this time are included in this collection. Our favourite place to go on holidays with family and friends is Achill and two paintings of Dugort beach are also included. Both paintings are of sunsets as this was my favourite time of the day, sitting around a campfire with family and dear friends witnessing the day coming to an end.” 

We hope you’ll drop in and enjoy this exhibition with friends & family. Opening hours are 10am – 6pm Mon – Friday and 10am – 5pm on Saturdays.

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