Cavan Print

Emma Loughlin
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The 32 Series

Cavan, a county of immense beauty at the heart of Ireland, with 365 lakes, one for every day of the year. The Irish translation of the Hollow immediately resonated with me and the landscape of West Cavan that dramatically ranges from the summit of Cuilcagh to the network of subterranean streams that emerge from the rock to form the majestic River Shannon.

Legend tells of Sionnan, granddaughter of Manannán mac Lir, the god of the Sea, came to the Shannon Pot in the foothills of Cuilcagh in search for the Salmon of Wisdom. Angered at the sight of her the salmon caused the pool to overflow, drowning Sionnan and forming the longest river in Ireland that bears her name.

Each print is signed, numbered and individually silver leafed*

Dimensions: 54.5cm x 72.5cm Framed, limited edition of 32

Printed to archival quality on 210gsm Hahnemühle Fine Art paper

*Each print is individually silver leafed and variations will occur

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