Interplay Networking Event 2019

Interplay Networking Event 2019

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Interplay was a networking event held by The Leitrim Design House asking participating artists to consider ways that we can provide support, promote and advice for local craft makers.

We held a group discussion around topics such as the main challenges faced by makers and designers, the role of Leitrim Design House to aid in overcoming these challenges and the value of collaboration and mutual support among makers.

There was also an opportunity for sharing processes and a focus on making links to the In the Making project.

This provided a terrific opportunity for artists and makers to widen their skills & experience, resulting in two new collaborative partnerships within the group and a lot of positive feedback from participants.

 Interplay was also an opportunity to introduce the CO-CREATE collaboration project, through which a bursary was provided to support the professional development of the creative sector in Leitrim.