Corporate Gifting - The best luxury Irish gifts to give your employees, Clients or Prospects

Corporate Gifting - The best luxury Irish gifts to give your employees, Clients or Prospects

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Corporate gifting is a brilliant way to show your appreciation. It plays a significant role in business culture, whether you’re promoting the business, acknowledging an employee’s hard work or thanking clients. Establish that connection while also supporting Irish craftsmanship along with small craft & design businesses.

We're specialists when it comes to gifting! If you’re looking for business or executive gifts, know that when you buy from us, you are buying 100% Irish made quality products. All of our makers go to great lengths to make the best products, be it using organic ingredients or locally coursed materials. We care about the environment too, all our packaging is fully recyclable!

Corporate Gifting for Employees

Let your employees know just how much they’re appreciated. There are many occasions where it is beneficial to show that you see their efforts, from acknowledging how hard they're working, celebrating personal milestones and accomplishments or a specific occasion like an end of year Christmas gift

Corporate Gifting for Clients

Reassure them that their business is appreciated. Selecting the right present can generate good feelings and establish connections amongst your recipients while reflecting well on your business.

Corporate Gifting for Prospects

Show off how great local Irish products are and set yourself apart from others with unique handmade gifts. We have many skilled crafters, makers and designers whos products stand out from the ordinary. Check out some natural beeswax candles from Rainbow candles or organic soap and skincare that is prefect for all skin types from local Leitrim makers. A couple of each makes a great bundle to gift.

Let us help you choose a suitable gift for the occasion to stand out from the competition. There are several options available and we can supply you with a range of Irish gifts at different price points.

Build a bespoke gift box or bundle from our recommended items here.

or view a range of suggested bundles

Under 20

Under 50
Under 95

To make the process as smooth and pain free as possible, ring or email us to discuss prices, order sizes or any specific requirements you many have. Many of our makers can supply large or custom orders when contacted in advance.

Phone: 071 9650550

If you need to post it to an individual, that’s no problem at all, we can send it directly to them with a handwritten thank you note from you.

We hope to take any hassle out of corporate gifting and hope get in touch with us to but together something amazing.


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