Dolmen L Pendant

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Sterling Silver Irish Neolithic Monuments Necklace 

Neolithic monuments such as New Grange and Raths such as the Grianán of Ailleach are ubiquitous in the Irish landscape. They hold many of the secrets of our past. What inspired our ancestors to inscribe the beautiful portal stone at New Grange with a series of spirals? What must the inauguration ceremonies of high kings, queens and chieftains of Ireland looked like on these historic raths. Did the fairies hold their meetings and counsel at these raths? I often visit the local Lisnabreeny/Lios na Bruíne rath translated as “ring fort of the Fairies”, a magical and peaceful location on the outskirts of the city. This design is inspired by these monuments and their association with folk and fairy lore.

Dimensions: Pendant 12mm x 14mm, Chain 46cm

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