Artwall 2020: Liza Kavanagh

Artwall 2020: Liza Kavanagh

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The Leitrim Design House were delighted to showcase a beautiful new exhibition of paintings entitled ‘Gathered’ by Irish artist Liza Kavanagh on ART WALL throughout October and November, 2020.

This collection features a selection of contemporary still life paintings capturing the joy to be found in everyday objects. Liza creates stylized, colourful paintings of much loved vessels, bowls of ripening fruit and seasonal flowers. 

Liza is a visual artist living and working close to the famous Curragh Plains in Co. Kildare. Liza began her studies at Grennan Mill Craft School before completing her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at the Limerick School of Art and Design in 1994. Working predominantly in acrylics and mixed media on board, Liza produces works which are vibrant and contemporary.

‘The still life’s I create are always inspired by familiar and everyday objects as these speak to me of hearth and home. I love the simple shapes of jugs, bowls and other household vessels and the endless variety of patterns and colours which often decorate these objects. In these paintings, colour, texture, pattern and the use of simplified forms compose the key elements of the work. In essence the work is about the simple pleasures of life, a favourite jug filled with seasonal flowers or a bowl full of the first fruits of the season. Creating these paintings is
my way of capturing the little things that bring joy into our daily lives.’’
- Liza Kavanagh