Painting Places 2018

Painting Places 2018

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A Plein Air Project titled Painting Places was conceived in response to the cultural quarter of Carrick-on-Shannon. We invited local artists to participate over a number of weekends throughout the summer of 2018. The artistic process that was the most important element of this project and for the public to bear witness and to have access to this creative process.

The artists pop-up studio was positioned on the Dock plaza for the day. Artists were free to choose the position of the studio set up for their chosen view point. 

Participating artists were encouraged to visit the site prior to their dates or to carry out some historical research of the cultural quarter for their own interests. Artists were free to respond to the cultural quarter of Carrick by painting plein air in whatever technique/style he or she chose.

As it was the year of European Heritage and Culture a member of the Carrick Heritage group joined the plein aer group to share some local historical knowledge with the artists and any members of the public who were present.

Members of the public were welcome to try their hand at painting for a period of time. Up to 5 easels were available for use around the pop-up studio. Participating artists were encouraged to interact with any member of the public who showed curiosity about the project and the artist’s process. An assistant was also present to interact with the public to share information around the project.

Painting Places was funded by Creative Ireland through the Leitrim Arts Office and led by The Leitrim Design House who provided materials for the artists & the public.