Crafting the Light - 2021 Film

Crafting the Light - 2021 Film

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The Leitrim Design House was proud to present a short film in 2021 entitled Crafting the Light, our first locally made film capturing a response during the pandemic from the vibrant craft community that lies within County Leitrim’s creative sector and revealing that this dark period was also a time for reflection, growth and creativity.

Participants in the film are four Leitrim-based makers: Textile and fibre artist Catherine Gray; Jeweller Erika Marks; Artist Maria Noonan-McDermott; and Niall Miller from Fuinseog Woodland Crafts.

Crafting the Light aimed to shine a light inward on the minds, thoughts, and inspirations of Leitrim’s creative practitioners. Revealing that something beautiful can occur in a time of darkness, how creating something that never existed before is an act of hope and that creativity can propel us forward into a positive and uplifting space again. Shot on location around Leitrim, this film taps into the rich creativity that is at the heart of the county. It captures a personal response from some of the local craft community during challenging time of the pandemic which brought about a period of reflection, growth, and creativity. 

As part of Culture Night 2021, the Leitrim Design House curated a screening of Crafting the Light at The Dock Arts Centre. We were proud to share this project and the voices of participating artists. Culture Night is Ireland's yearly celebration of its rich cultural heritage by creating a country-wide evening of free creative events, workshops and entertainment for all of the family. 

Crafting the Light reminds us of the important role of nature in our lives and how creative people and creativity itself helps to push us forward and channel the light within. We invite you to engage with the culture and creativity of County Leitrim and to celebrate this wonderful creative community that adds so much colour to our County by viewing Crafting the Light on the Leitrim Design House YouTube Channel.

Crafting the Light is a Leitrim Design House production funded by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and by Creative Ireland through the Leitrim Arts OfficeThe film was shot in locations around Leitrim by Padraig Cunningham from Pure Designs and creatively produced by artist Laura Gallagher on behalf of The Leitrim Design House.