Making Time Film

Making Time Film

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Making Time was a Leitrim Design House project comprising of a short film and exhibition showcasing some of the stunning work made by a selection of Leitrim’s creative community during the pandemic. 

Close-up of Pendant by Erika Marks


Making Time was screened in The Dock performance space on Thursday February 17th 2022 alongside another Leitrim Design House production Crafting the Light. Both of these short films were shot in Leitrim in 2021 with the aim of giving local makers a voice during the bleak period of the pandemic. The Leitrim Design House were eager to take this opportunity to capture, document and preserve craft makers and artists reflections during the pandemic. The films revealed that during this dark period, there was also a time for reflection, growth and creativity. Through the generosity of Leitrim’s creative practitioners in sharing their thoughts and inspirations, these projects brought to the surface how this period of isolation gave rise to new creations and processes.

Detail of work by Maria Noonan-McDermott


It was the first time we showcased a collection of work in film format. Beautiful close up shots of the artwork together with voiceovers from the makers offer viewers an insight into how and why this work was created. An exhibition of art work from Making Time was also showcased on The Leitrim Design House ARTWALL.

Detail of textile art by Catherine Gray

Participants in both film & exhibition included Leitrim makers; textile & fibre artist Catherine Gray, potter Bairbre Kennedy of Lichen Ceramics, Jeweller Erika Marks, visual artist Maria Noonan-McDermott, Brenda McLoughlin & Niall Miller of Fuinseog Woodland Crafts and visual artist Kate Murtagh Sheridan

Close-up of Woven Willow by Brenda McLoughlin of Fuinseog
The films were creatively produced by visual artist Laura Gallagher on behalf of The Leitrim Design House and filmed & edited by Padraig Cunningham from Pure Designs

Close-up of Wooden Table by Niall Miller of Fuinseog

This project was funded by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and by Creative Ireland through the Leitrim Arts OfficeMaking Time is free to view on The Leitrim Design House YouTube Channel.