Fiona O'Driscoll - Sundew Crafts

Fiona O'Driscoll - Sundew Crafts

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Fiona O’Driscoll loves to knit. Her creations celebrate the natural world, the warmth of childhood and the wonderful variation of colours and textures available.  She always uses freshly washed natural fleeces from a local organic farm to stuff the knitted animals as the environment and sustainability are very important to us all.

Fiona studied Ecology in her native Cork but since moving to Leitrim in the 90s she has joined her twin loves of nature study with creating collectable creatures from wool.

Living in Leitrim, the hidden heartlands of Ireland, Fiona is surrounded by natural bogland and woods, places that she wanders frequently with her dogs Bear and Murphy.  Her garden is regularly visited by wild animals. The badgers, hedgehogs, mice, pine martins, foxes, shrews, rabbits, hares and many birds that pass through give her inspiration for the animals she creates.

Fiona’s creations aim to capture the innocence of childhood and the beauty of nature. Every teddy, babóg, hedgehog, bee or badger is carefully hand knit using an ever changing palette of colourful wool. They are stuffed with freshly washed fleece from an organic Leitrim farm and their labels include their Irish names.

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