Pete Kern Rainbow Candles

Pete Kern Rainbow Candles

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Rainbow candles was founded in 1985 by Pete Kern in an old farmhouse just outside the picturesque village of Dromahair in Co. Leitrim. In 1995 Rainbow candles became a member of Irish guild of master craftsmen.  Handmade in Dromahair, Co. Leitrim, rainbow candles are naturally fragrant with a delicious pure beeswax scent, a long burn time and produce a beautiful clean flame.

No chemicals are used in the production of these handcrafted candles. They are a completely natural product. Beeswax is a renewable resource that honey bees produce to make comb for storing honey and pollen and for rearing their brood. The hexagonal honeycomb cells produced are an amazing architectural feature. Pure beeswax candles are made by dipping inner core and then hand rolling sheets of beeswax. Light up your home with these gorgeous Leitrim candles. This beautiful range of uniquely scented pure beeswax candles make very affordable little gifts.

However, the desired aroma and charm of beeswax, as well as many of its unique health advantages come actually from the natural “contaminants” — honey, propolis and pollen.


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