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The Leitrim Design House are delighted to showcase a unique exhibition of paintings titled Fragments by Andrea Szabó Moloney on ART WALL from May 1st. 

Moloney is a self-taught artist born in Hungary and moved to Ireland in 1997, where she fulfilled her long-held ambition to paint. Andrea’s paintings are built up of many layers which add depth and great surface variation. The resulting combinations of forms, colour and texture mix both realistic and abstract elements to capture the tangled, wild aspects of nature. 

Andrea shares the source of her work: Nature is by far my greatest inspiration. It’s the little details I’m interested in, textures, patterns, colours, organic shapes. I try to capture the tangled, wild aspect of the flora, focusing on the uniqueness of the unloved, the unwanted. I’m not aiming to depict realistic plants, more to emphasise the fictional, inventive aspect of them. The paintings are not entirely planned, after the initial idea I respond to the outcomes and limitations of the process and the materials I use. Through play, variation and modification, I find a range of methods and possibilities, allowing new things to arise spontaneously, and enjoy the freedom and opportunities this technique offers.”  

Working with acrylic paint and gesso, her paintings are built up through multiple layers. Many of her compositions are based on photos and drawings but are often derived from a combination of memories and imagination. The paintings are produced using various tools and techniques, incorporating handmade stencils and stamps, dripping, splashing and scraping to create rich and complex surfaces. 

Andrea’s techniques are best enjoyed up close, in person. This striking exhibition is on view from May 1st and will continue until June 25th. We welcome everyone to drop in and enjoy this unique collection with friends and family. It's a great opportunity to support and invest in a talented Irish artists work. Deposits are gladly accepted at any time on all of our Irish made gifts and can be paid off over a number of weeks.