Andrew Pain - Black Hen Designs

Andrew Pain - Black Hen Designs

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Originally from Surrey, Andrew Pain moved with his wife Vida to her native Lisacul, Co. Roscommon in 1997. Together they started Black Hen Designs in late 2010 with the idea of designing and creating a beautiful range of quirky illustrations on glass. Andrew worked in the building trade since leaving school before embarking on the journey of becoming a self- taught artist. With a keen passion for nature and all things rural, the Irish countryside became the inspiration for his designs.

'It’s my love of nature that inspires each and every piece.'

Vida is a visual artist in her own right specialising in oil painting, with a degree in fine art and has had a number of curated shows here in Ireland. Both Andrew and Vida collaborate together on work for Black Hen from start to finish. The ideas for many of the drawings can often come from chance encounters and as there’s usually a story behind each one, a playful and uplifting title is given to these quirky contemporary designs. Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Hen where nature comes alive & every picture tells a story.


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