Michael McManus - Spa Cottage

Michael McManus - Spa Cottage

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Unique Irish Skincare, the first of it's kind in Leitrim, using the properties of Sulphur Water to encourage natural keratin and collagen production.
Deep within the Spa Cottage Well in the county of Leitrim in the wild West of Ireland is a secret spring of ancient and purifying Sulphur Water which has been hidden away for over a century.

The locals of yesteryear knew the amazing health benefits of this water and for hundreds if not thousands of years would use the water from the well for its edifying health benefits.

Michael McManus is proud to be the guardian of this treasure from nature.

He has known about the incredible power of the sulphur water which springs from beneath the farmland that has been in his family for over 100 years

His Grandfather told him stories as a child that the original farmhouse on the land was known as Spa Cottage and was used by locals as a hospital since the 1700s due to the restorative nature of the water! The water has been evaluated by Ireland’s leading water scientists, and we can confirm that the power of the water is far from diminished, and now we are bringing a range of products out for the benefit of everyone.

Michael has created a range of organic facial products using the Sulphur Water that encourage keratin and collagen production.  Both essential for youthful and radiant skin, hair and nails. See the full Spa Cottage skincare range here.