Bea van der Zwaag -Fleur & Mimi

Bea van der Zwaag -Fleur & Mimi

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Bea, the designer and owner of Fleur & Mimi creates colourful designs inspired by her home and surrounding in Co. Tipperary.

Having grown up in the north of the Netherland then living for many years in Germany and the UK, Bea is now loving in a lovely rural area in Co. Tipperary with her husband, two daughters, which the business was loving named after, and two dogs.


Bea is a self-taught artist and loves to create colourful designs inspired by nature, books and an overactive mind! Using bold and bright colours, Bea tries to make up for the typical Irish weather by creating Wall Art that is bound to brighten anyone's day. Beautifully printed illustrations made with love in Ireland.