Bairbre Kennedy - Lichen Ceramics

Bairbre Kennedy - Lichen Ceramics

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“I grew up exploring the waterways of South Leitrim on my parent’s old Guinness barge. It gave me a love for the hidden small spaces you find in sleepy streams and a curiosity for the shapes, colours and life held within its clay and riverbanks.” 

Bairbre Kennedy carried this curious creative nature into adulthood, going on to study at the much respected Thomastown Pottery Skills course in Kilkenny. She spent several years in England before coming home to Leitrim to set up her own pottery brand Lichen Ceramics. Now based in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton and inspired by the lush landscape of County Leitrim, Bairbre creates colourful, light pottery bringing a hint of opulence to functional pottery.


She makes her own glazes as this allows her to create her own unique colour range. This handmade pottery is made from toasted stoneware clay. This allows Bairbre to create ceramics that are light but strong, fired to over 1200C. You will notice the difference when you pick them up. They fit well into your hand and unlike some traditional pottery, Lichen Ceramic functional handmade pottery is light to hold.

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