Candles made in Ireland

Emma Fallon - Emma's So Naturals

in Maker & Designers

Born from a passion for all things natural, since 2010 Emma Fallon has designed and created, in Ireland, a collection of natural, high quality, plant-based candles and home-fragrance products.

Each one scented with her own unique & inspired blends of pure essential oils. Her hand-crafted collection comes beautifully packaged in an Irish designed and printed floral box.

Emma's broad experience and knowledge of design, aromatherapy, natural perfumery, and herbalism informs her creation of these products that promote natural, plant-based fragrances and ingredients.

All of the packaging used is designed and printed in Ireland and is refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable and the entire trove of all-natural products have been developed to be vegan and palm free, proving that conscientious can also be luxurious!

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