Fiona Scott Resin Artist

Fiona Scott Resin Artist

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Nestled in the heart of Ireland, Fiona Scott's studio is dedicated to producing artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards, inspired by the serene beauty of the ocean and the rugged allure of the Wild Atlantic coast.

Formerly celebrated for her expertise in floral artistry, Fiona now channels her passion for nature into the creation of sustainable functional art. Recognized for her dedication to excellence, she was honored with the Small Business Sunday award by Theo Paphitis of BBC’s Dragon Den in 2021.

Her Ocean-inspired resin palette reflects the timeless elegance of the Atlantic, incorporating meticulously gathered elements such as sand, shells, and seaweed. Meanwhile, wooden boards are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the rich hues of Co Offaly's peat lands.

"Our mission is to help steer people away from mass produced pulp wood and plastic boards and by making my own cheese boards means that each piece is a solid 1” thick piece of timber and which has a beautiful natural wood grain as well a being durable and long lasting."

Sourced locally and responsibly, the materials uphold their unwavering dedication to sustainability with packaging being fully recyclable, and all printing is done on recycled card.

Embrace the essence of Irish artistry with a diverse range, spanning from cheese boards to free-standing fish and original resin art. Each piece is a testament to Fiona's commitment to excellence and sustainability, making it a distinctive addition to any setting. See some of the collection here.