Emily Sachs-Eldridge & Giolla Liddy - Artwood

Emily Sachs-Eldridge & Giolla Liddy - Artwood

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Artwood is a family business making unique, hand-crafted, suncatchers. Run by Giolla Liddy and his partner Emily Sachs Eldridge, each piece is hand-crafted in their workshop next to their home under the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain in Co. Leitrim. Giolla is a carpenter who dreamed up the idea when Emily decided she wanted a nice crystal to catch the rays in her own kitchen. He has a strong sense of what it means to follow in your forefathers' footsteps, as he continues his family’s tradition of carpentry and craftsmanship with Artwood Suncatchers.

“From a young age I would help my dad out in the workshop and I learned everything from him, just as he did from his dad. For me, being a craftsman is very important. It allows me to decide what I make and how I make it. It also allows me to work from home which is a great luxury, allowing my kids to see me at work, being creative and hopefully learning from me too. We strive to create beautiful, natural, high-quality, long-lasting pieces. Where possible I like to seek out native, interesting woods with burrs and spalts in them so that each piece I make is unique.”


Our suncatchers are made from sustainable, locally sourced Irish trees such as Birch, Walnut, Oak, Spalted Beech and Olive Ash. We use one piece of wood to retain its natural unique character. Artwood suncatchers are available in small, medium and large sizes. Embellished with an Asfour or Swarovski crystal that produces dazzling rainbows dangling from windows and doors on the gloomiest of Irish days. These natural, bespoke gifts are perfected with a high quality non-toxic finish and come in recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging.

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