Kaz Kearney - Soak

Kaz Kearney - Soak

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Soak was founded by Kaz Kearney in 2021, when she noticed a need for a more mindful approach to self-care rituals.  Influenced by the therapeutic benefits of the Atlantic ocean, Irish seaweed and the herbs in her garden, each scent range was created to help you with sleep, anxiety, mood and energy levels, as well as treating your lovely skin.

I am very passionate that my Soak products have a holistic approach, that leaves your body revitalised and your mind enriched.” 

Bedtime Bliss helps with sleep and anxieties, Joy Connects helps uplift your mood, Breathe Deep is fantastic after exercise or to help clear blocked sinuses.

Soak is passionate about helping your community and donates €1 to a mental health charity for every bath soak sold.

Soak is an award winning Atlantic sea & herbal wellness range that helps you with sleep, anxiety, mood & skin health.  Soak only use 100% food grade Atlantic sea salt. The lavender, sage and mint used in Soak are grown in Karen's garden in Sligo. The Irish seaweed is local, sustainable and hand-harvested. All oils are certified cruelty free, vegan friendly and is food grade quality. All essential oils are from trusted suppliers who have certified cruelty free and vegan friendly oils.