Lucinda Lee - Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Lucinda Lee - Lucy's Soap Kitchen

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Lucinda Lee from Lucy’s Soap Kitchen believes in slow sustainable living. She lovingly creates her nut free, gluten free products in a traditional way in small batches with petro-chemical free ingredients producing a much sought after range of soaps, shampoo bars and skincare products.

Working from her kitchen in rural Bornacoola, on the border of Leitrim and Longford, everything is made from scratch, stirred, poured, cut, labelled and wrapped by Lucy.

“I have dry, sensitive skin with irritations and allergies that flare up. I need skincare products that reduce my symptoms and, where possible, prevent them. This has become even more important since having my two little ones, both of whom have sensitive skin.”

All of Lucy’s Soap Kitchen products are safety assessed and meet E.U requirements.

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