Dried flower bouquets

Michele Treanor - The Petal Plot

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Meet Michele Treanor, a qualified horticulturist and florist with a heart full of romance and sentimentality. Her dried flower bouquets are a splendour to see! Known for her belief in the symbolic power of flowers, Michele established The Petal Plot in 2021 during the Covid Pandemic, rediscovering her passion for horticulture amidst challenging times.

Based in the picturesque Drumlin County of Monaghan, Michele's home serves as the heart of The Petal Plot. Surrounded by lush greenery and elevated to eye level with Sliabh Beagh.  

"My growing capacity is greatly assisted by my longstanding polytunnel , prizewinning glasshouse, raised beds and perennial borders."

At The Petal Plot, Michele cultivates a variety of seasonal cut flowers sourced from professional growers and suppliers, ensuring sustainability and local sourcing. Her passion for weddings translates into bespoke bridal bouquets, blending fresh and dried flowers to reflect each couple's unique style and personality. Everlasting bridal bouquets, crafted with care, serve as cherished mementos of special days.

Beyond weddings, Michele offers a popular range of dried flower bunches and bouquets, including the "ForEire" collection inspired by the Suffragette movement. With colors symbolizing loyalty, purity, and hope, these creations celebrate women's strength and resilience.

Follow Michele's on social media and you will catch her at her happiest, sharing gardening trials and tribulations!! Every bloom tells a tale of love and inspiration.

A range of her dried flower bouquets are available instore and you can contact Michelle for custom pieces.