Alanna Moore Author

Alanna Moore Author

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Originally from Sydney, Australia, Alanna Moore has been actively writing and publishing non-fiction books since 1987. Presently, she has authored ten books, with the last four penned in Leitrim, where she has resided since 2007.

Additionally, her works are published by various publishers not only in the USA, Taiwan, and Germany but also by her own Python Press, which recently launched two Italian translations.

Alanna's writing delves into environmental awareness from a holistic viewpoint and her creative works - books, articles, documentary films and songs - defy labelling with existing genres.

She has authored ten books, which include:

Available at The Leitrim Design House

  • Fairy Haunts of Ireland 2023
  • Peasant in Paradise - four seasons eco-living 2021.

  • Plant Spirit Gardener 2016
  • Sensitive Permaculture - cultivating the way of the sacred Earth 2007
  • Touchstones for Today - designing for Earth harmony with stone arrangements. 2013.
  • Divining Earth Spirit - an exploration of global and Australasian geomancy. 1994, 2nd edition 2004.
  • Backyard Poultry - Naturally 1998, 3rd edition 2014.
  • Stone Age Farming - tapping nature’s energies for your farm and garden 2001, 2nd edition 2013
  • The Wisdom of Water 2007
  • Water Spirits of the World - from nymphs to nixies, serpents to sirens 2012