Alison Byrne - Wildbird Studio

Alison Byrne - Wildbird Studio

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Wildbird studio is like no other. Located in Dublin, Alison Byrne creates modern glass homewares while also providing a space that allows others to learn through workshops. The idea came about through wanting to start a glass renaissance, shining light on a medium thats beauty can sometimes be overlooked. 

“Glass is alchemy, art, attitude. Clear and coloured. Smooth and sparkling. Raw and reflective”

This designer has a contemporary style with strong visuals that can be seen in her geometric lamps, terrariums, pressed botanical wall hangings and jewellery. All are made with locally and ethically sourced materials. 

As well as being Vice Chair of the Glass society of Ireland, Alison is also a proud member of many other Irish organisations that share her love of handcrafted products and promoting Irish designs.

“Inspiration comes to me from eclectic sources from history, maths, print, nature, design, branding, politics and trends. I enjoy thoughtful simplicity with strong graphic lines and so I dream about my future home and the things I would like to put in it and then I create those things”

Designer, maker and educator, her talents know no bounds.