Frances McGonigle - Rothlu

Frances McGonigle - Rothlu

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Rothlú Jewellery is made by Frances McGonigle, in the Ox Mountains, County Mayo. This collection of colourful lightweight jewellery is inspired by her surroundings. Frances studied Fine Art in the Crawford College of Art, Cork. Prior to that she attended Grennan Mill Craft School in Kilkenny, where she discovered batik and loved it. Rothlú jewellery is patterned using Batik, Sgraffito and Shibori processes on cotton/linens, and Shibori on silk.

The Ox Mountains are pre-Ice Age low lying mountains, littered with Neolithic tombs. When I’m not making jewellery, I paint in the surrounding landscape

At the very heart of what Rothlú do is the issue of sustainability. Rothlú transform scraps of undyed plain weave and textured cotton, linen and silk remnants into these amazing painterly pieces that are light and colourful. “All hand-patterned pieces are finished in eco pine resin, and our packaging is 100% recycled. Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible in our making, and to this end we are always looking to improve our green credentials”.


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